Lizard Eye is:

Lasse Gudmundsson
PM Saari
Fredrik Thörnblom

Ralph Rydén

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LIZARD EYE - The New Wave of Swedish Heavy Metal

The Lizard Eye music could simply be described as classic heavy metal and what makes the band stand out from the masses today is the strong material with the progressive elements that are naturally and tastefully integrated into the music and, maybe most of all, being the entertaining action live band that Lizard Eye is.

Lizard Eye was started as a solo project by Lasse Gudmundsson (vocals/guitars) and did some recordings and giging for some years with various line-ups. Then Lasse met PM Saari (lead guitars) and they soon realized their capability to write strong songs together and PM joined Lizard Eye as a permanent member - Lizard Eye was beginning to turn into a band.

In 2009 Ralph Rydén (drums) joined and shortly after Fredrik Thörnblom (bass) - it wasn't a side project anymore, Lizard Eye was a band. In the end of 2010 the band, that has quickly become a real tight and solid unit, finished the recording of their debut album "Flames of the Sun".

Ralph Rydén Lasse Gudmundsson PM Saari