Lizard Eye exclusively uses Gibson electric guitars, Warwick bass guitars.

The individual band-members use the equipment as follows:


L a s s e G u d m u n d s s o n
Gibson Explorer II (1980)
Gibson Flying V (1998)
Marshall MF350 amplifier
Marshall MF400 4x12 cabinets
Roland bandchorus delay
Ernie Ball strings
Peavey cables
Jim Beam

P M S a a r i
Gibson Flying V GOW (2007 / 1984)
Gibson Flying V (1998 / 1958)
Gibson The Paul (1978)
Gibson The Paul II (1996)
Marshall JCM800 1980's tops and 4x12"cabs
Line 6 POD
GHS and Dean Markley Strings
Saari Custom 351 picks
Bacardi and Heineken

F r e d d a n T h ö r n b l o m
Warwick Streamer Stage One 4 (1991)
Warwick Streamer Stage One 5 Custom Made (2007)
Warwick Vampyre SN-4 (2007)
Warwick Rockbass Streamer 5 (2006)
Warwick Alien Acoustic Bass
Trace Elliot Preamps, Mosvalve Amps, Marshall 4x12"cabs
Nady Wireless System, Cry Baby Wah
Warwick Black Label Strings
Falcon Beer, Campo Viejo Rioja Gran Reserva

R a l p h R y d è n

PDP Platinium Drums
Finish Titanium Metallic to Black Fade
12” 14”toms 16” 18” floor toms 2 X 24” kickdrums
A variation of snares
Paiste cymbals
Artbeat stixx
Pearl Demon Drive and Eliminator Pedals