PM Saari


Name: Fredrik “Freddan” Thörnblom
Main function in LE:
Heavy lead bass guitar
Plays instruments:
Guitar, bass, vocals
Somewhere in Stockholm
Lives in: Singö Hills, Sweden
Former bands: OZ, Jack of all Trades, Fat Fiesta

Favorite drink:
Rioja and Falcon Beer
Favorite food: Anything with meat
What do you look for in a woman: Personality and her eyes
Place you want to go for a holiday: On stage playing live anywhere and Canada
Favorite actor/actress:  Al Pacino, Billy Bob Thornton and lots more
Favorite movie: Bad Santa and Team America

Favorite group/artist: Black Sabbath, King´s X, Down, Pantera, Corroded and lots more
Favorite albums: Black Sabbath “Master of reality” and lots, lots more
In the CD-player now: Corroded “Eleven shades of black”
Lizard Eye-song I most enjoy playing live: Flames of the sun

Favorite musician/songwriter:
Tony Iommi
Favorite producer: Rob Z
Favorite drummer: Bill Ward, Ralph Rydén and Per Soläng
Favorite singer: Ronnie James Dio, Glenn Hughes
Favorite guitarist: Tony Iommi
Favorite bass player: Rex Brown, Geezer Butler

Best gigs you have seen:
Alter Bridge 2005 at Astoria, London
Best gig with Lizard Eye: The last one