Lasse Gudmundsson


Lars "Lasse" Gudmundsson
Main function in LE:
Lead vocals, guitars
Plays instruments:
Guitar, bass, keyboards
15 February, Uppsala, Sweden
Lives in: Upplands Väsby, Sweden

What is your favorite instrument mark? Gibson
Favorite drink:
Beer, Whiskey, Water
Favorite food:
Pasta, Chinese
Favorite type of women:
Long hair, nude, wet and willing
Place you want to go for a holiday:
South America
Animals you like:
Cats and lizards
Favorite actor/actress:
Julia Roberts, Jodie Foster, Dustin Hoffman, Stellan Skarsgård
Favorite movie:
Life of Brian, Matrix, Dances with wolves
Favorite TV-program:

Favorite group/artist: Black Sabbath, Gamma Ray, Accept, Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Deep Purple, Rainbow, Uriah Heep, Motörhead, Ramones and the one and only Ozzy Osbourne
Favorite albums:
Deep Purple "machine head, Made in Japan", Rainbow "Rising", Black Sabbath "Volume IV, Sabbath bloody sabbath, Sabotage, Heaven and hell, Headless cross", Iron Maiden "Iron Maiden, Killers, The number of the beast, Piece of mind", Gamma Ray "No world order", Motörhead " Ace of spades, No sleep 'till Hammersmith", Accept "Breaker, Metal Heart", Foghat "Live" Ozzy Osbourne "blizzard of Oz, Diary of a madman, Tribute, Bark at the moon, No rest for the wicked"
In the CD-player now:
Gamma Ray " No world order"
Most enjoyable LE song to play:
My darkness, Under the holy cross, Love 2 hate U

Favorite musician/songwriter: Ozzy Osbourne, Kai Hansen, Ritchie Blackmoore, Accept, Tony Iommi, Steve Harris, Adrian Smith
Favorite producer:
Martin Birch, Dieter Derricks
Favorite singer:
Ronnie James Dio, Ian Gillan, Blackie Lawless, Tony Martin, Rob Halford, Doogie White
Favorite guitarist: Randy Rhodes, Kai Hansen, Wolf Hoffman, Ritchie Blackmoore, Alvin Lee, and of course Ace Frehley
Favorite bassist:
Bob Daisly, Peter Baltes, Gary Thain, Marc Gransten
Favorite drummer:
Ian Paise, Cozy Powell, Tommy Aldridge, Dan Zimmerman

Best gigs you have seen: Kiss in Eriksdalshallen 1980 (with special guests Iron Maiden) Iron Maiden in Hovet – 83, Ozzy at Cirkus – 92, Uriah Heep in Uppsala – 99
Best gig you've done with LE so far: The last one, and will probably being so in the next future