20 December, 2017
Members leaving the band

PM, Ralph and Fredrik have left Lizard Eye for various reasons. There is no whatsoever grudge between any of the parts, all still brothers and everyone wants to thank everyone for the greatest of times through the years! Lasse will stand his ground and carry on the Lizard Eye flag and legacy and the plan is to gather a new line-up and bring out a next album and continue to play live. So if you’re a drummer, a bass player or a guitarist and are interested, or know anyone who might be, don’t hesitate to contact Lasse Gudmundsson, Phone: +46 70 452 81 90, E-mail: lasse@lizardeye.se.

You'll find an official announcement from PM Saari at his news page: https://pmsaari.blogspot.se/2017/12/moving-out-moving-in.html

Lizard Eye



21 March, 2017
Lizard Eye live

The recording of the follow-up album to "Flames Of The Sun" is about to begin in a month or two and the first Lizard Eye live dates after the bands long break have been confirmed, and more will follow. (You'll always find confirmed Lizard Eye live shows here to the left and at the official Lizard Eye Facebook page.) So the ball is rolling and what better place to (re)start it all up again than where it all began back in the day? So the first live date will be in Uppsala, where the band was born, and at Skeppet on Saturday April 29th.

Lizard Eye Live


3 January, 2017
The year of the Lizard

Welcome to 2017, the year of Lizard Eye getting back into the scene. The band's been working hard with the new material the last months and is very, very close to have finished rehearsing and arranging the songs for the upcoming new full-length album and are in matter of weeks ready to enter the studio to record it.

As you might have noticed the last album, "Flames Of The Sun", has dissappeared from the digital music sites and that's due to the fact that Lizard Eye is changing distributor and unfortunatelly there was a glip of downtime beyond our control due to the switch. It will be out there again in a couple of weeks though.


15 August, 2016
Ralph is back!

Markus is no longer part of Lizard Eye. We want to wish him the best of luck in future commitments.

We're happy to officially announce that Ralph Rydén is back where he belongs, handling the Lizard Eye drums. The band feels tighter and better than ever now, in many ways, and is in hard work rehearsing and arranging the new material that will be the new Lizard Eye full length album sometimes in 2017. There are no confirmed dates yet, but the band hopes to be getting back live on stage in early 2017, but the focus will be on the new material.

Lizard Eye


5 February, 2016
The rock is rollin' again

Lizard Eye is back.

The band has started to rehearse and arrange new material. The plan is to run through and put together the some 10-15 songs that Lasse and PM has written. There probably will be some Lizard Eye live shows later in 2016 as well, but the focus is on the new material and working it into a new full-length album.

Though Lizard Eye has been in slumber the last year or two, the band members all kept busy with other musical commitments, like Lasse has been touring with Revelation, Fred and PM has toured with their Straight 8 Diablo and the classic 1980s band Torch, Fred has played bass on some some shows with Corroded and PM has just finished his solo album "The Opening". But now all four are in and ready to kick new life into the mighty Lizard Eye.


7 January, 2015
R.I.P Kjelle

We are very sad to announce that Kjelle* (formerly also known by the name Bamse) has passed away. As you all know Kjelle was the one behind the band name and hence a very important part in the early beginning of Lizard Eye.

Rest In Peace Kjell.

(*Kjelle was Lasse's iguana and reached the age of 19.)


18 August, 2014
New drummer

Slowly waking up from summer slumber. We're starting here now by officially announcing the new Lizard Eye drummer: Mr Markus Kask - Welcome to Lizard Eye!


4 April, 2014
Ralph Rydén leaves Lizard Eye

Ralph Rydén has decided to leave Lizard Eye due to lack of the time and energy it all demands. He sure was an important part of building the Lizard Eye of today and will most surely be missed in the Lizard Eye camp. (Personally we will off course remain the best of friends we've all become through the years.)

Peter Hermansson (220 Volt, John Norum, Talisman etc) will be handling the drums on the upcoming Lizard Eye live gig at Jackpot Rockbar in Upplands Väsby - so we can guarantee a 100% premium high quality heavy metal deliverance in true Lizard Eye spirit.


14 April, 2013
New material coming together

Lasse and PM are in writing mode and some real cool kicking brand new smoking Lizard Eye material is coming together as naturally and smoothly as it has always done. Totally unaffected by today's sick, dirty and infected music scene taking an even deeper dive down into their roots. The strong melodies and the classic riffs of the Saari/Gudmundsson collaboration is there and it surely smells genuine Lizard Eye-style 1970-80s classic heavy metal and it's in standard tuning, with real vocals and loads of guitar soloing going on - as it should be. It's still a way to go but it's rolling and it's rolling good.


26 February, 2013
Time flies - landing on a creative ground
Time truly flies and now we're in a new year and all! Been a while - Lizard Eye has been going in low speed for a while due to other obligations and various personal reasons but we are happy to announce that things are in motion again - Lasse and PM are scheduled for some dates in the studio the next months to start writing and working on new Lizard Eye material. There is really no plan but we believe that some new Lizard Eye music will be out in 2013 in one form or another.

"Flames of the Sun" is now well out in digital form at all the usual places like Spotify and iTunes etc etc, but also in physical form as a CD at CDON, Ginza and Bengans among others - and it's doing pretty well! Thank you so much for supporting Lizard Eye!


13 May, 2012
Summer break with new virtual single
The summer is around the corner and Lizard Eye is taking a summer break. The band would like to send out a massive thanks for the great support at the shows this spring to everyone involved. Also thanks to everyone who has bought the album and Lizard Eye merchandize - Thanks for the support! You rule!

We leave you for the summer with the new virtual single "Rise" which is found to be listened to at Reverbnation and Myspace for free.
Don't forget that you still can buy the album on CD, digitally and check it out on Spotify - links are found here.

See you after the summer.


4 April, 2012
Album out in various forms and live
We're happy to announce that Lizard Eye is set to do some live shows in 2012 starting of with the now confirmed Sigurdsgatan 25 (Västerås) april 28th and Harry B James (Stockholm) may 9th, actually the first time Lizard Eye plays live at both venues.

As you may know the album "Flames of the sun" is now out for physical (CD) purchase at CDON and Ginza, and in digital form at iTunes and Spotify, among other places.

The song "Through the flames of the sun" has been released as a virtual single at Reverbnation and Myspace.


31 August, 2011
New album released with a party tomorrow
Tomorrow's the big day: The long awaited new Lizard Eye album, "Flames of the Sun", will finally be released. As you all probably know there'll be a release-party for it at Stockholm's premier and most famous rock venue: Pub Anchor tomorrow night and it's totally open for public so everyone can join us.

The band is on fire and really exited and looking forward to seeing you all there and guarantee 100% live action entertainment when they perform all the songs from the new album live on stage for the first time ever tomorrow night.

Off course, apart from merchandise, the new CD will be available for purchase at a very special introduction face to face release party price there at the venue.

If you're interested to take a little bit deeper look into the new Lizard Eye album PM has written a couple of lines about it from his point of view in his blog on myspace, so you might want to check that out here.

Lizard Eye release party

24 May, 2011
Album release party
We're happy to welcome you all to the official release party of "Flames of the sun" at Pub Anchor in Stockholm, Sweden, September 1st. Lizard Eye will be performing live and the new CD and merchandise will be available for sale for special prices.

The new album "Flames of the sun" will be released in various forms around that time, September 1st, as well. It sure has been a long and winding road, with lots of runs and turns, but we're close now..


2 May, 2011
First song of the new album out
We're proud to present "Saviour", the first song out from "Flames of the sun", as a virtual, digital single, the complete song for all to listen to for free at the Lizard Eye sites at Reverbnation and Myspace or through the widget at the music page of this site


29 April, 2011
The release of the new album is in sight
As some of you know by now there was 70 copies of a special pre-release version (LE001X) of the upcoming Lizard Eye album "Flames of the sun" available at the gig at Arapaho Territory some weeks ago. It was a surprise, we simply wanted to give something special to all who support the band and the CDs were completely sold out in a flash. The feedback so far is amazing, everyone seems to love it.

So yes, some already has the new Lizard Eye album! But at the end of the summer the wait over for all the rest of you as well. The album will be released and out in various forms after summer, around September 1st. But already on Monday (May 2) a song from it will be released as a digital single for everyone to listen to for free - so be sure to get back and check that out.


31 March, 2011
New album cover art
We're proud to finally present the cover art for "Flames of the sun". It's deigned and created by Lizard Eye guitarist PM Saari. More info about the release of the album soon.

Don't forget to check out the band live at Arapaho Territory in Upplands Väsby (Sweden) on saturday april 2nd!
Lizard Eye "Flames of the sun"


1 November, 2010
After live
Lizard Eye has just finished two gigs, one last friday at Royal Night Club in Vaasa, Finland and the other at the legendary Pub Anchor in Stockholm, Sweden. Both a total success and totally crowded to the limits. A huge thanks to everyone involved - both all you who worked at the venues and you who supported Lizard Eye by attending. Special thanks to Lars-Erik Karlsson for some great photo-shots, Sammen and Sanna at Rocklandia and the crews at Royal Night Club and Radisson Hotel Vaasa for making everythink click totally flawlessly and smooth, and also to Acke, Roy and c/o for the support.

As announced before the album "Flames of the Sun" is finished, it's now mastered as well, and the record company evaluation is taking a bit longer than estimated but news will be out here when things has landed and been nailed into place.

Videos and photos documenting the last weeks journey, both live on stage and live off stage, will shortly be out at the official Lizard Eye Facebook site.


3 August, 2010
Album finished and live
The upcoming full length album "Flames of the Sun" is now mixed and thereby finished and the band is going through the different possibilities to put it out right now.

It's produced, arranged, written and performed by Lizard Eye, mixed and co-produced by Dino Medanhodzic, engineered by Fred and PM in the band. The artwork is taking form as we speak and will be made by PM Saari for Saari Creations, who have made everything visual since the beginning. More info of and about "Flames of the Sun" is coming out here in the next future.

Some photos from a recent photo session shot by Patrick Forsgren are found in the visual section, and more are on the way and here below are live videos of two songs.

The Lizard Eye blog and twit are now found at the official Lizard Eye facebook site where you find all the report, in various forms, of everything that is going on in the Lizard Eye camp. You'll find loads of visual reports from the making of "Flames of the Sun" there.

Live dates are being booked as we speak starting off August 18th at the Wolfwerk showcase at Göta Källare, Stockholm, Sweden.


18 May, 2010
Album being mixed
The upcoming Lizard Eye album that will be called "The Flames of the Sun" is now being mixed by Dino Medanhodzic at Fabriqa. The release of it is planned later in 2010.

This world has lost one of the greatest artists -
You will be missed, but never forgotten, and forever alive through your art
- R.I.P. Mr Ronnie James Dio, a huge influence of Lizard Eye


6 April, 2010
Album recorded
We're proud to announce that the yet untitled upcoming full-length album is now recorded. It ended featuring ten hitting Lizard Eye killer songs. The band and manager is now going through the long list of possible persons to do the mixing of it. Some very exiting names on that list. Some live dates are being planned as well. More on all this when thing's get confirmed.

Check out the Lizard Eye official Facebook site for visual reports of the recording and other things happening in the daily life in the Lizard Eye-camp:
Lizard Eye Official Facebook site


20 December, 2009
Things will start happening in 2010
So the year is almost through and lot of good things have happened in the Lizard Eye camp in 2009 and everyone's real exited about 2010 when things really start to roll. In january the band will start to record the upcoming full length album. February 6th Lizard Eye will do a gig with Corroded at The Cave in Sundbyberg, Sweden. This will be the first gig of a whole bunch of gigs that is right now being booked.

Some weeks ago the band did a photo-session which resulted in some great shots taken by Sofia Silva at Metal Blast. Check out some photos at the visual section.

Here's a video, some mixed cuts, from the last Lizard Eye gig at The Cave Rock club:


23 October, 2009
New bass player
We're happy to officially announce the new Lizard Eye bass player Fredrik Thörnblom (ex: OZ, Jack of all Trades, Fat Fiesta) and welcome him onboard.

Lizard Eye is going to open for Tokyo Blade at Rockland in Sala, Sweden friday 30 october which will be the first gig with the new line-up.


16 October, 2009
Next new song out
A smoking new Lizard Eye song called "Flames of the Sun" is now finished and out. You can listen to it here or on myspace. It's once again a stunning writing collaboration between Gudmundsson and Saari and it's a brand new tune never even performed live before. The bass on the recording is performed by Andreas "Drake" Mallander and this version is mixed by PM Saari.

Lizard Eye - Flames of the Sun


2 July, 2009
New song out
A brand new song called "Rise" is finished and out on myspace. This is the first recording and the first mix of the song and it will most likely be both re-recorded and re-mixed for the upcoming album. This version is mixed by Saari and Gudmundsson and the bass is performed by Andreas "Drake" Mallander. A special thanks from the band to him for that.

A second new song is being recorded right now and the main purpose of these two recordings is to decide the sound of and who to involve in the work of the full length album.


18 May, 2009
Management deal closed
Lizard Eye has signed a management-deal with Wolfwerk Management. Both parties feel real good about the deal and are looking forward to a long, long great relationship.

The band is working in the studio recording new material.

11 May, 2009
Parting ways with bas player
Lizard Eye has parted ways with bass player Johan Klevenskog who are no longer in the band. Lizard Eye wish him the best of luck in future commitments.

Due to this the band is currently looking for a replacement. If you think you, or know someone who would, fit the spot don't hesitate to contact Lasse Gudmundsson by phone: 0704-52 81 90 or e-mail the band at: info@lizardeye.se

27 Apr, 2009
After the tour
Lizard Eye wants to send out a huge thanks to the bands Bulletsize and Slowgate for three great days of total metal mayhem and also to everyone who showed up on the shows.

For the band this little trip was a great opportunity to test-drive Lizard Eye in it's real environment and it all turned out to be working great and the band had the greatest of times.

Now the work of taking Lizard Eye to the next level will continue. More news on what's next coming up here in matter of weeks.

17 Apr, 2009
Micro-tour and big things happening
In a week Lizard Eye is doing a three dates micro-tour through Sweden. Starting it off with Metal to the Bone in Östersund on April 24th followed by Ludvika the day after and finishing it all off in Haninge on the 26th.

The band has started the work with the recording of an upcoming full-length album and is right now discussing a management-deal with Wolfwerk Management. Also some other big things are around the corner to happen. More info on all this soon.

PM Saari is now on place number three on the swedish progressive music top artists list at myspace.


27 Mar, 2009

The first gigs down and first endorsement
Lizard Eye is proud to announce that they've landed their first endorsement and it with the clothing company Keetch.

The first two gigs with the new line-up are now down, and more is to come! They went as great as they could've and everyone's really pleased how it all is starting to take form. The band wants to send a huge THANKS! to everyone who showed up - You rule! - and a special thanks to Robban at Mental Nights and David at ROQ.

Lots of big Lizard Eye-news is just around the corner and will be revealed here as soon as they're confirmed and reality.

The focus of what happens around the band will from now and on be put here on the official Lizard Eye web site and all the news and what's going on in the Lizard Eye camp will be revealed here and nowhere else. So be sure to check this spot from time to time in the future.


26 Jan, 2009

The ball is rolling
The first gigs are now booked (and more are to come as we go), the official launch of the new band will happen at ROQ (Stockholm, Sweden), a sort of a release-party for the new line-up, a Lizard Eye "Rebirth-Party"- Saturday 7 March (kl 21-03) at ROQ, Gyldéngatan 2, T-Odenplan, Free entrance. Lizard Eye will perform two shorter live sets during the night and we wanna see all of you there partying with the band!

All gigs will be announced at the Lizard Eye myspace-site and here to the left on this site as they are confirmed.


26 Nov, 2008

Lizard Eye has been reborn... and so has this site
...Lizard Eye is a band again and alive and kicking, maybe even more a real "band" than it has ever been. In the new line-up Gudmundsson and Saari have been joined by Johan Klevenskog on bass and Ralph Rydén on the drums making it a very tight unit, both musically and personally. The first photo ever taken of the new band:

Lizard Eye

Lizard Eye is rehearsing the new band into shape and will hit the stage in the beginning of next year. The recording of a full-length album will start in the first half of next year as well.

Don't forget to check out the Lizard Eye myspace-site, www.myspace.com/lizardeyetheband, from time to time, we will be putting out videos and photos of the progress of, well, basically everything. As a matter of fact there are some rehearsal and hanging around photos out over there already.